June 20th, 2017

Paving the way in the construction industry

Slowly, but surely the construction industry in the United Kingdom has become antiquited and out-moded. The process from conception to construction is often bound in a myriad of red-tape, spiralling costs and needless process delays. The client ultimately suffers not only in terms of time, but critically in customer service. Why should the construction industry be exempt from rigourous client service standards?

Led by Colin Donaldson, Structure is a company that seeks to redefine the industry by imposing excellence in client management at every stage of the construction process.

Structure’s primary job is to listen to the client’s exact specifications and then construct their perfect home. We utilise technology in our business to enhance project management and make sure that the channels of communication between the client and builder are always left open. It is paramount that the client is consulted at every stage of the construction process and via our software the client can receive real-time information about the job. Ultimately, this ensures that the job is delivered on time, on budget and to the client’s specifications.

Our mission to rejuvenate the construction industry’s vision for client service isn’t for everybody, that’s why we only work with the best. We hire people who share our vision for excellent crafts-manship and take considerable pride in their work. Structure utilises sub-contractors and partners not only on their unparalleled skillset and experience, but also on their alignment with our client centric values.

Structure understands that choosing to a partner to create your bespoke home is not necessarily an easy one. The trust invested by a client in their builder needs to be justly rewarded with excellence in craftsmanship. Each home we build is completely unique to our client’s sense of style and specifications, and this gives our expert team the impetus to go the extra mile on every single pro-ject. Structure’s ambition is lofty, become the number one choice in bespoke buildings in the United Kingdom. The road to this goal is clear. Maintain the highest standards in construction and craftsmanship at all times via a client centered approach.