Aside from construction only, Structure offers an all-encompassing bespoke service from concept design to completion. Our partners are industry leaders in their field and will be involved in the process from start to finish. Chris Beardshaw the award-winning landscape architect/designer gives a great explanation on how architecture and landscape design complement each other.  

“There is a mutually beneficial relationship between architecture and landscape. In essence the most powerful and striking buildings respond to and feed off the composition of the landscape within which they sit. This marriage between built form and external space creates a positive dialogue between interior and exterior where the essence of one informs the content of the other. The resultant multitude of connections ensure an integrated design and enhanced experience. Such a well-designed site offers an intimate relationship between the content and characteristic of internal and external spaces, an extension of the perceived spaciousness, polite order and essential cohesion, all bound by a strong narrative style.

For any union of built form and landscape to be maximised, the two should be considered, sculpted and implemented simultaneously. This holistic design approach ensures that the merits and traits of one are truly reflected, complemented and celebrated by the other. Such an integrated and harmonious sequencing of living spaces develops an unrivalled, coherent experience, unique to the location and bespoke for the user. 

The garden itself offers a canvas for personal expression. It becomes an artwork of aesthetic treats, an expression of refinement and taste portraying the heritage, contemporary and aspirational visions of its owner. The celebration and deliberate orchestration of material and space, nature and structure, art and theatre creates a distinctive place for living, entertaining and socialising. It offers spiritual, sensory and emotional rewards and, just as every room in the house is assigned a function, so the external spaces develop individual characters and personalities that constantly strive to celebrate seasons and elevate the architecture. 

The result of such a holistic design strategy and approach is witnessed in the defused boundaries between internal and external space, the landscape invites the viewer to participate, engage and explore with the consequence that living space extends to the periphery of the total site and every element within it works to enrich the total living experience. It is little surprise then that for millennia, and across cultures, the expression of perfect human happiness is portrayed as a garden” 

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